An Insight into FAZZ


Quirky, whimsically flamboyant and inspired by Broadway, six-piece band FAZZ never fails to entertain with their unique mélange of cabaret, vaudeville, rock & roll and jazz. Formed in 2012, FAZZ is an award winning and independent band based in Malaysia, well-known within the local music scene as an exciting live band that occasionally features support members.

FAZZ delivers their brand of entertainment by fusing story-telling with theatrical stagecraft, hence their circus-like characters and modern-day poetry. With a repertoire of both memorable originals and uniquely deconstructed covers, they are a popular live act to feature at restaurants, bars and event openings. The band has also been invited to play overseas at cultural festivals and live houses in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

So who is FAZZ? The band members are made up of Yoh Lin (Lynn) as the Lead Vocal, Grace Cho on the Piano, Farouk on E Double Bass, Jason Lim on the Trombone, Trumpet by Ad, and Drums by Jone Yeoh. In 2012, Grace and previous singer Kevin Vong conceptualised the idea of having a stage performance with Broadway stylistic approach. Farouk and Jone joined the band after that; and their strong punk rock heavy rock background became the foundation of their not-so-convenient style of Jazz! A couple of years later Ad and Jason came in with a personality that fits the modern age Bruno Mars-esque persona. And whilst the band was growing, the search for a strong vocal to cut through the bands’ dynamic and loudness was where Lynn came into the picture!

When asked what does FAZZ stands for, the band aptly described that FAZZ is termed as a fast-paced jazz, which is also fusioned with a hint of craziness, and jokes that it could one day be a genre or a musical style!

Who knows, it probably will! Each member derives their inspiration from a various sources. For Grace its Korean old-pop, Classical music, and even Disney tunes. Jone is currently inspired by Buddy Rich & Brian Culbertson. Farouk draws his inspiration from Tokyo Jihen and Dream Theater. For Jason it’s Robert Glasper, Tom Misch and J Dilla. Ad – Chri Botto, Adam Rapa and Luckychop. Finally, Lynn’s inspiration comes from Musiq, Maxwell and Floetry

What sets FAZZ apart is that their music has a unique and distinctive style, which contains addictive rhythms that naturally inspires listeners to move to the beat. To date, FAZZ has released two singles and two albums which include original compositions and lyrics. ‘Blame’, a hybridized-fusion track, is their best known song and it has received the most media coverage. Listen to FAZZ’s latest album here:

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