Release Date:            5th September 2019

Genre:                       True Story – Action

Director:                    Tony Tan

Producers:                 Andrew Lau, Peggy Lee


黄晓明 Xiaoming Huang          饰 江立

伟 杜江 Jiang Du          饰 马卫

国 谭卓 Zhuo Tan        饰 李芳

杨紫 Zi Yang    饰 王璐

欧豪 Oho Ou

侯勇 Yong Hou


张哲瀚 Zhe-han Zhang

印小天 Xiaotian Yin


许文广 Wenguang Xu 刘金山 Jinshan Liu 丁嘉丽 Jiali Ding

王志飞 Zhifei Wang

王骁 Lawrence Wang


When the oil pipeline in the city harbour explodes due to a calculation error, a disgraced firefighter captain must put aside his grievances and team up with his former subordinate in order to save the city. The brave firefighters deal with a series of fires after a chemical plant explodes. It is a race against time for the firefighters as they put themselves in danger to save those in the vicinity of the fires.