A Completely New Immersive Cinematic Experience at TGV Toppen


TGV Cinemas introduces FLEXOUND and Premium Large Format screen powered by Christie’s RGB 4K laser projector at their new halls

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The opening of TGV Cinemas at the Toppen Shopping Centre in Johor Bahru has introduced new specialty hall concepts with new experiences for moviegoers.

Starting with the largest FLEXOUND installation in the world and the first FLEXOUND hall in Southeast Asia, patrons have a chance to experience this new technology enhancement in the cinematic setting at TGV Toppen with embedded speakers that delivers true personal immersion through improved clarity of dialogue, tactile sensory effects and perfect sound quality independent of seat location.

Bigger is definitely better with the brand new Infinity hall, which offers a heart-pounding cinematic experience that combines the power of outstanding visuals together with breath-taking sound.

This hall offers TGV’s Premium Large Format screen powered by Christie’s RGB 4K laser projector that delivers unparalleled visuals together with Dolby Atmos, an immersive audio technology which transports you into the story with moving audio that fills the cinema and flows all around you – even overhead – to deliver the premier sound of entertainment. Not forgetting, motorised recliner seats that as the cherry on top of the cinema cake.

All these enhancements and what about the kids? TGV is also bringing their popular Family Friendly hall – with an adjoining concept from Central i-City to Toppen JB. The children will be able to enjoy fun activities in the new playroom at this location with the fun factor extended into the hall with multiple seating choices for every setting.

“We’re inspired by our mission to make the cinema a place of joyful experiences and memorable moments. At TGV Toppen, we have introduced new concepts, higher standards and the best quality comfort to deliver an environment that is truly unique. We are optimistic that our customers will agree that TGV Toppen is a special social and entertainment destination that brings back the magic of going to the movies,” said Yeoh Oon Lain, Chief Executive Officer of TGV Cinemas.


Picture Credits: Visit Johor