Sutera Good Earth Exhibition 2019: Food Waste. Reborn

Exco Tan Chen Choon officiating the event

Tanah Sutera Development held its biannual Good Earth Exhibition to raise awareness on the environment

Many people might think of food waste as rubbish or something smelly that has to be quickly ridden of, yet not many people know how food wastes – the leftover of what we consume daily, can actually save mother earth from dying.

Exco Tan Chen Choon with other VIPs at the event

The main objective that Tanah Sutera wanted to achieve through this exhibition is to raise a larger awareness towards not just our community, but also the society at large. Through the expository of this knowledge to the society, we can help mother earth sustain herself even longer. The event was officiated by honoured guest VVIP Tan Chen Choon, Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment Committee chairman – held at Sutera Mall level 4.

Exco Tan Chen Choon getting a better understanding of the Tanah Sutera Food Waste Project

Tanah Sutera is also pleased to announce the collaboration between themselves and SWM Environment Sdn. Bhd. on food waste collection, especially targeting and focusing on residential food wastes, in hopes of reaching and educating the public that have not heard about this phenomenon before. This collaboration is known to be a pilot project within Taman Sutera Utama and they hope that through the launch of this project, will be able to influence other surrounding communities to do their part in preserving the environment too.

It is sincerely hoped that this exhibition opened the eyes of the public to the importance of food waste. For more information about the exhibition or food waste collection, kindly contact Teh Hui Theng or Tan Pei Hui at 07-289 9009.