Seri Austin Spreads Responsibility

KK Wong, Group Director of Townships, UMLand cum CEO of Seri Austin handing out goodies to the old folks
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30 staff from the office was involved in the CSR effort

UMLand Seri Austin with its longstanding tradition of giving back to the broader community in which it operates in substantial and compassionate ways recently threw an early Chinese New Year celebration at the Hillville Aged Care Home in Taman Ponderosa, Johor Bahru, as part of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

The visit kicked off with a warm and cheerful meet and greets session by the home’s manager, Leong Mee York. 30 staffs volunteered their time from their desk job, and took the opportunity to mingle and engage with each elderly and even serenaded them with golden oldies as well as Chinese New Year songs.

A contribution of RM5000 was presented to Hillville Aged Care Home

A contribution of RM5,000 was also presented by KK Wong, Group Director of Townships, UMLand cum CEO of Seri Austin in support of the home’s daily operations and necessities apart from distributing mandarin oranges which is considered as traditional symbols of abundance and good fortune which were given to everyone.

“We are committed to inculcate the spirit of community service and strengthen the values of generosity and solidarity among our employees via these community based initiatives,” said KK Wong.

Hillville Aged Care Home is home to 70 senior citizens aged from 60 to 90 years with various health issues including Alzheimer and wheel chair bound.