Seri Alam Mall to Be Completed In 2021

Exco Liow Cai Tung and Frankie Tan

UMLand brings premium lifestyle shopping to the heart of Seri Alam

UMLand recently held a lease signing ceremony for its Seri Alam Mall, a new upcoming premium shopping centre that will be located in the heart of the township, which upon completion will make it a much sought after shopping destination within the area.

The lease signing ceremony which took place at UMLand Seri Alam’s Sales Gallery revealed the next phase of the township as well as a preview of tenants that will be welcoming residents and visitors alike to the mall upon its completion in 2021. Johor Women Development and Tourism Committee Chairman Liow Cai Tung and Frankie Tan, Senior General Manager of UMLand Seri ALam as well as several key tenants from the F&B, entertainment and retail companies were present for the ceremony.

Leasing signing ceremony held at the Seri Alam Sales Gallery

“The new Seri Alam Mall will greatly serve the needs of Bandar Seri Alam and Greater Pasir Gudang’s bustling population of 220,000. We are excited to see so many key tenants ready and willing to sign leases with Seri Alam Mall, which is targeted to be completed in Q1 2021,” said Frankie.

With over 46,000 square meters of space and over 1,000 parking lots, Seri Alam Mall will be primed and ready to become the next leisure and lifestyle shopping attraction thanks to its strategic location within the heart of the township as well as to future developments along the Eastern gate of Johor.

The mall will have a family and youth orientated shopping experience and will feature edutainment facilities and conveniences including a Cineplex, fitness centres, spa, karaoke studios and a wide selection of dining options to tickle any ones’ taste buds.