Reviving the Crooked Bridge Project to Replace the Causeway

Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad

The intention to revive the crooked bridge has resulted in mixed reactions

The bridge was the brainchild of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he was the Prime Minister for the first time but his successor shelved it even after it got off the ground, entailing in heavy compensation to the contracting party. Now, the idea of reviving the crooked bridge project to replace the causeway has drawn mixed reaction.

Several commuters felt that it would ease congestion and be great for commuting between Johor and Singapore and it will further spur economic growth in Johor especially where small and medium industries are concerned.

However, Johor Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Low Kueck Shin disagreed saying it would involve a huge expenditure.

He said the government should expedite the Rapid Transit System project instead to ease the congestion and give people an alternative to use public transport.

“If there is money, it is better we build a third bridge from Pasir Gudang or any other suitable place. Currently more people are using the causeway than the Second Link. So a third bridge would be the better option,” he said.

Johor Youth Council President Salleheen Mohamad said the crooked bridge project should not be a top priority right now and that all aspects should be studied first, like legalities and bilateral relations with Singapore, before proceeding with it.