Land Ownership Resolved

Happy faces after receiving the 5A Notice
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Johor Executive Chairman of Housing and Rural Development handed over 5A Notice to 70 residents at Kampung Pendas Baru 

Johor Executive Chairman of Housing and Rural Development, Dzulkefly Ahmad handed over 5A Notice to 70 residents at Kampung Pendas Baru.  

The ceremony is hoped to solve the land ownership issue that has been around for many years. The notice however does not guarantee the ownership unless they pay the premium that has been discounted to 50% within 90 days from the time Notice 5A was issued. 

“Previously, the premium rate for 60-year-lease was RM17,874.00 but now it is only RM9,513.00 not including the house because Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) has provided the houses for free,” said Dzulkefly. 

IIB through its CSR programme has developed the relocation of Kampung Sungai Pendas which involved 72 units of houses built on 40 acres of land. IIB is also now developing the relocation of Kampung Ladang Darat. 

YB Dzulkefly Ahmad giving his speech to the attendees

As for those who choose to lease for 99 years, the premium is RM17,874.00 after 50% discount from RM34,596.00. 

“This location is expected to be developed soon as IIB and UEM Sunsrise Berhad has been given the right to plan and develop the jetty area,” he added. 

The state government is now introducing the new category of Affordable Housing at a price of RM250,000, dedicated for M40 and a revised Johor Housing Policy will be released by the state government soon.  

Dzulkefly also highlighted that developers are now expected to pay RM60,000 per unit penalty if they fail to build the affordable houses as required.  

The state is currently identifying two designs of affordable housings using Industrialised Building System (IBS) which is more cost and time effective.  

“Johoreans can also look forward to rent-to-own scheme under Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor Sdn. Bhd. (KPRJ), as the scheme allows the renters to buy the house at the original price after 3-5 years of renting,” said Dzulkefly before handing over the 5A Notice to the residents of Kampung Pendas Baru (previously Kampung Sungai Pendas).