Green Badge for the Buildings in Iskandar Malaysia

From Left, IRDA Chief Executive, Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, Director of the UTM Low Carbon Asia Research Centre, Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Siong, Johor State Exco Chairman for Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment, Tan Chen Choon, Jimmy Puah Wee Tse, Chairman of International Trade, Investment and Utilities Committee, General Manager of Johor State Investment Centre (JSIC), Haji Miswan Bin Yunus and Associate Prof. Dr. Shun Kawakubo from Faculty of Engineering and Design, Hosei University, Japan

Towards an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly Iskandar Malaysia

More buildings in Iskandar Malaysia has been certified as Green Buildings according to ‘Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficient’ (CASBEE), an assessment tool that covers 6 criteria – Indoor Environment, Quality of Services, Outdoor Environment, Energy, Resources & Materials and Off-site Environment.

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Nong Chik Institute and Johor Port Authority (LPJ) were the latest to be documented as Green Buildings in Iskandar Malaysia at the CASBEE Training Workshop which module were a collaboration and organised by the Johor State Government via JSIC together with Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA Malaysia) under the Green Technology Application for the Development of Low Carbon Cities (GTALCC), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Low Carbon Asian Research Centre, and the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC), Japan.

A group photo of VIPs and the CASBEE Training Module participants

Tan Chen Choon, the Johor State Exco Chairman for Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment said, “Collaboration is the key in implementing ‘green’ initiatives such as CASBEE. The completion of these new CASBEE Iskandar projects signals the successful transfer of expert knowledge and technologies from Japan to Johor, hence the initiative is listed as one of the main priorities to be carried out under the Johor Low Carbon Council (JLCC),” after witnessing the handover of the ‘CASBEE Iskandar’ report from IRDA to Johor State Investment Centre (JSIC).

Johor State Exco for International Trade, Investment and Utilities, Jimmy Puah was also present and added that CASBEE tool is very important in promoting low carbon and green economy development not only in Iskandar Malaysia but also Johor, hoping it can continue to promote and attract more green investments and industries into Johor.

IRDA will continue to work with IBEC Japan and the UTM Low Carbon Asia Research Centre to promote the CASBEE Iskandar activities to spread all over Johor and extend it to nationwide.