Forest City Collaboration Focusing On Nature Conservation


Forest City, a smart and ecological development by Country Garden Pacificview (CGPV) Sdn Bhd is in full swing. Despite the rapid growth and mega scale development which invites various reactions from local and overseas, Forest City remains confident in its planning.

Forest City has conducted various meaningful CSR guided by 3 key pillars namely education and youth development, social development and environmental awareness. As such, Forest City recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) for the conservation of nature.

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With over 70 years of experience, the Malaysian Nature Society will assist Forest City in conservation, education and information work on environmental awareness and publications. The joint venture is based on a three years contract and will be renewed in accordance with the requirements of conservation activities,” commented Zhou Jun, Brand General Manager of Forest City.

Since 2015, Forest City has focused its efforts on conserving seagrasses located on the Tanjung Kupang Meadow. This conservation effort is in collaboration with a group of scientists from Universiti Putra Malaysia who are also seagrass experts. After various initiatives, the Tanjung Kupang Meadow has shown positive growth, recovery and back to its original form.

Also recognising Forest City development areas is surrounded by flora such as mangrove swamps that are home to many species of fauna, Forest City aims to expand and strengthen conservation efforts that encompass the area.

Currently, Forest City is still in the process of discussing and considering for suitable group of scientists from local universities who will be selected to participate and carry out mangrove research and conservation work.

A brainstorming session between Forest City, environmental quality consultant and Universiti Putra Malaysia was conducted to find solutions and best ways to conduct environmental conservation activities.

Among the environmental conservation initiatives planned and carried out by Forest City recently as part of its CSR activities is beach cleaning activity. The event was attended by more than 130 volunteers comprising Forest City employees and their family members.

“The management intends to continue this activity regularly and involve more volunteers from various departments in Forest City. Other than focusing to achieve the environmental sustainability objectives, I am also pleased to witness the spirit of cooperation shown by Forest City employees”, added Zhou Jun.

Moving forward, Forest City have planned to host an academic seminar by leading researchers on the importance of marine ecosystems, species diversity and to develop a green museum that will showcase marine life specimens around Tanjung Kupang and Sungai Pulai as well as executing monitoring and conservation activities.

Zhou Jun said, “This initiative is a must because it is in line with Forest City’s development and concept. Maintaining environmental sustainability is a value added and the strength of our products, where it offers the owner a home surrounded by greenery and beautiful sea views.”