Creating a Better Society through CSR Initiates

A day well spent at Sherun Old Folk Home & Handicap Centre

Country Garden Malaysia pays a visit to Sherun Old Folk Home & Handicap Centre on Father’s Day

The occupants in Sherun Old Folk Home and Handicap Centre glimmered with smiles when the residents of Country Garden Danga Bay, homeowners of Country Garden Central Park and the public paid a visit. This was made possible as a joint effort by Country Garden MaIaysia.

In conjunction with Father’s Day a few days ago (16th June), Country Garden Malaysia which has a philosophy of “Creating a better society with our existence”, continued its CSR initiative by spending some quality time at the charity home which now houses 65 senior citizens and has been running for 18 years in Skudai, Johor Bahru.

Volunteers helping out with some of the housekeeping chores

Prior to the visit, the staffs of Country Garden Malaysia had called upon the pubIic via the social media to donate their pre-loved items and other basic necessities such as sundries, toiletries and medications which were collected at the sales gallery of the two projects (Country Garden Danga Bay and Country Garden Central Park) since the start of the month.

The whole entourage that came by bus arrived at the Sherun Old Folk Home and Handicap Centre at around 3pm and after a briefing by Country Garden Malaysia Brand and Culture Manager Emma Han, the volunteers were ready to help out with some of the housekeeping chores as well cleaning the fans and closets, with some of them washing the clothes of the residents with other staffs.

A light moment shared with a resident of the Home

“The turnout was good, we have 36 volunteers from the Country Garden Danga Bay Resident Association who are keen to help out at the charity home and spread their love to the others. In China, there is a saying that encourages us to treat the elders and caring for them like our own, so it is rather timely with the Father’s Day celebration,” said Emma.

After some spring cleaning by the visitors, they also took the opportunity to entertain the residents with a dance, ukulele and drum performances. Since it was also Father’s Day, the volunteers prepared paper folding hearts as gifts to express their wishes and love.

One young volunteer helps to serve tea to one of the residents of the Home

Meanwhile, Vice President of Sherun Old Folk Home and Handicap Centre, Vinot Mariappan, 24, who was present during the visit had thanked Country Garden Malaysia for its effort and welcomed other corporate entities to pay them a visit.

“We’d like to invite other organisations to visit us and assess our situation here in order for them to assist us further. We have three centres now, one here in Skudai, Kempas Lama and in Batu Pahat, Johor, but our ultimate mission is to purchase a land to combine all our centres together and accommodate up to 500 residents under one roof,” said Vinot.