Country Garden’s Smart Home Technology is the Answer to Millennial’s Tech Savvy Home Buyers

New study found that new generation of home buyers are keen in high technology application

Country Gardern - Smart Home Technology
Safe Island - Forest City, Johor is the home to all Smart Home Technology completely equipped with AI-Driven security

Millennials are the target generation of homebuyers for many property developers today. They are the ones who are more likely to look for new homes, and studies have found that this new generation of homebuyers wants their property purchases to be equipped with smart home technology to ensure safety, convenience and sustainability.

A recent survey jointly conducted by The Star and Forest City found that Millennials’ show a major interest in homes that are equipped with high-tech security such as AI and facial recognition network systems. Picking up on this trend, a number of property developments in Malaysia have made strides towards introducing smart security solutions in their latest projects.

Country Garden’s developments in Malaysia, like Forest City and Central Park in Johor, and Diamond City in Semenyih have adopted high-tech approaches in security systems with AI-supported locking systems, facial recognition networks and multi-tiered security.
The use of high-technology in Country Garden’s security system allows even higher peace of mind among homeowners

Forest City is switching gears to meet modern home buyers’ requirement for people-oriented, high-tech security solutions and the city seeks innovative ways to develop sustainably with the goal of contributing to greater economic vitality to create a stable and healthy city development ecosystem.

Meanwhile, with the advancement of smartphone technology comes the emergence of property mobile applications, or “prop-apps”. Seen as an inevitable replacement for traditional security monitoring and neighbourhood intercom systems, many property developers are working with tech companies to move towards managing their developments through a single smartphone app.

In 2019, Forest City has been recognised as one of the winners in IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA) with the award titled “Top Smart City Project for Smart Buildings”

I-Neighbour Smart Community app created by local company TimeTec Group has an array of Internet of Things (IOT) functions, including a visitor management system, in-app intercom and so on.

Forest City also has a community app for its residents called Forest Life, which provides a comprehensive range of digital services to enhance the community’s safety and enrich their lives. These services include online medical consultation, community news and traffic updates.

It is inevitable that homebuyers’ demand for intelligent high-tech solutions, including security, will continue to increase. Property developers will have to continually improve and grow their high-tech services in order to meet these requirements by the group that makes up the largest number of homebuyers today.