121 Affordable Homes & 10 Shop Offices Successfully Balloted

PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd continues its support in developing affordable homes under the state housing and development requirements


The state housing department along with the support of PIJ Holding Sdn Bhd have recently disseminated over 120 certificates of eligibility to eager home seekers from the lower and middle class families.

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This is part of the state housing department’s affordable homes programme where the people from less affluent households can apply online through the e-rumah portal at erumah.johor.gov.my for a fair, transparent and systematic process.

Eager home seekers waiting for their number to be called

At this balloting event for Taman Perbadanan Islam, affordable homes involved the balloting of the Type C affordable home (121 units) and 10 units of affordable shop office.

Type C homes are 1,000 sqft with 3 bedrooms

“The state government, through PIJ Holdings will continue to play a part in fulfilling the social responsibility towards the citizens of the state, primarily in providing housing in urban areas for the lower and middle class,” said Datuk Dr Sahruddin bin Haji Jamal, former Johor Menteri Besar.

Façade of the affordable homes at Taman Perbadanan Islam

The total number of applications for Taman Perbadanan Islam Larkin housing is 4,482. From that, 506 applicants were shortlisted and have successfully submitted the required documents and were called for balloting.

Dr Sahruddin wishes all recipients of the certificate of eligibility the best of luck and make haste in efforts to obtain housing financing so to ensure the home ownership process to run smoothly.