Editor’s Note


We are slowly tick-tocking away till we reach the end of the year and I’m sure many of us had anticipated a different start to this new decade…alas some things are just beyond our control. On a pleasant note, it is my favourite month where I look forward to the festival of lights. Although low key this year, but we certainly hope the Good will definitely triumph over everything.

Starting this November, cinemas nationwide will be progressively suspending movie screenings and concession operations at their locations until further notice. Until then sit tight at home with your telly!

If you are a guest at Suasana Suites’ Executive floor, head to the 33rd floor to Suasana Suites Cafe Johor Bahru and enjoy a cup of tea and nibble on some goodies from the highest view in JB town!

Moe is on a roll and Mersing, Johor seems to be his calling once again. Tourism Malaysia Southern Region is introducing the Mersing Island Trail Programme 2020 with all precautionary measures held around the Mersing/Johor archipelago to showcase the beauty of the islands with worthy travel packages suited to your needs. Flip over the page to discover our beautiful islands.

As always, for those wishing to share their fashion collection, travel tales, or like us to review your restaurant/hotel for a staycation, drop me an e-mail at waves.lifestyle@gmail.com and be featured. For more news, do access www.theiskandarian.com and https://waves-lifestyle.com/

The Iskandarian wishes all celebrants a very Happy Deepavali! Stay safe.