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Asset Tax
Lucky tax payers who won attractive prizes including Proton Preve during MBIP Carnival lucky draw contest
MBIP Mayor urges on the importance of paying asset tax apart from updating details

Tax payers are urged to know the importance of their responsibilities in paying asset tax to the city council apart from updating their assets through Form I (Sales Notice or Ownership Transfer).

“We have identified several factors for this matter. There are cases whereby heirs to a deceased tax payer who had not updated details on their assets resulting in outstanding asset taxes. Migration from rural to urban areas also affects the issue where some might not have any clue or information as to their responsibility to pay asset tax instead of just land tax,” said newly appointed Mayor of Iskandar Puteri City Council, Adib Azhari Daud Adib.
On a lighter note, the Mayor also had presented prizes to several lucky tax payers through its lucky draw contest at Iskandar Puteri City Council (MBIP) Carnival.

Throughout the large participation during the lucky draw contest, Adib is positive that many tax payers at least know their responsibilities and plans to extend the carnival annually as an initiative to encourage them to settle taxes and spread awareness of its importance.

“We also found out that there are assets generously contributed to Baitulmal without updating the transfer through Form I which unfortunately has outstanding asset taxes. That is why Form I is very important for asset holders to update their details,” he continued.