Tzu-Chi International Medical Association Tackles Climate Change Impact on Health

Dr. Aman Rabu, Director of Johor’s Health Department (middle) with Tzu-Chi International Medicine Association (TIMA) Conference 2019 organiser, panels of speakers and participants

The annual Malaysia Tzu-Chi International Medicine Association (TIMA) Conference 2019 held its 9th conference at Tzu-Chi Johor Bahru Liaison, the first time for Johor Bahru. TIMA is an organised global service network of over 5,500 licensed doctors and nurses who serve as volunteers. To date, it has approximately 800 members under its wing.

Under the theme ‘Climate Change: Impact to Human Health’, around 80 health professionals and healthcare providers attended the first day of the conference with 39 of them being medical personnel from both government and private institutions.

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The theme emphasised on enhancing public awareness on climate change and to improve the understanding of its influence on human health.  A panel of speakers from Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore gave their inputs on climate change’s impact on human’s health.

Dr. Aman Rabu receiving token of appreciation from TIMA JB Group Leader, Dr. Chua Mei Ping

Officiating the conference was Dr. Aman bin Rabu, Director of Johor’s Health Department who remarked that climate change effects on human’s health is real before further explaining the data that shows spike of diseases and sickness that tallies with the change of climate. He calls for the health industry especially among medical practitioners to be aware of this change and make sustainable practice a priority.

Dr. Tang Kiat Beng, Malaysia TIMA’s person in charge, in his opening speech mentioned that 10% of carbon emission in the world is produced by the healthcare industry. He said that TIMA’s mission is to create more awareness to healthcare providers to curb the climate issue.  Mother earth has been tortured by the hands of men. The problems caused by global warming affects all areas including human beings. He gave an example that when the temperature raises, the number of patients that went to see doctors also increases.