Tourism Terengganu Convoy Takes a Trip Down South

Opening ceremony gimmick of the “Buyer Meet Seller” programme lead by Tourism Johor Director, Abdul Malik

Terengganu and Johor tourism industry players work together to promote Peninsula’s East Coast tourism gateway

In conjunction with the collaborative efforts to promote tourism in the country holistically, the east coast states, including down south Johor, had joined forces to promote the natural beauty and heritage among the attractions that are scattered throughout the East Coast of the Malaysian Peninsular.

Recently, Tourism Johor in collaboration with Tourism Terengganu organised a “Buyer Meet Seller” programme to attract tourists and adventurers to the great state of Terengganu by leveraging on the close proximity of Johor with neighbouring Singapore and Indonesia, specifically Batam and the Riau Province.

“I am attracted to the tagline “Beautiful Terengganu” and the theme “There’s More To Terengganu Than What You Know” which has been frequently used in promotional efforts of the East Coast state. I was also informed that to develop and empower the tourism industry in Terengganu, the state government have prepared the Terengganu 2018-2025 Tourism Blueprint,” said Abdul Malik Ismail, Director of Tourism Johor in his speech.
The “Buyer Meet Seller” programme saw 33 tourism industry players from Terengganu, namely hoteliers and travel agents, who seek to promote attraction that are unique to the Turtle State.

Abdul Malik mentioned that this was a golden opportunity for not only Terengganu to promote their state but also the whole Malaysian East Coast to be promoted as a package for longer stays that will, in turn, fuel the tourism industry and economy.

Also in attendance to grace the opening ceremony of the programme was Terengganu Tourism Director Tun Ahmad Faisal Tun Abdul Razak and Malaysia Association of Hotels Johor Chapter Chairman, Ivan Teo.