The Underprivileged Lit Up to the Spirit of Sacrifice and Sharing

20 underprivileged families receiving their care package from Pasarbella, Masai, Johor

Pasarbella Cahaya Baru aids the needy

Pasarbella, an extension of Maslee in Kampung Cahaya Baru, Masai, Johor had organised an event called ‘Majlis Ibadah Qurban’ in conjunction with the recent Hari Raya Haji notion of sacrificing to share and provide for the less privileged. Azmi Bujang, the Chief of Kampung Cahaya Baru village who was also the VIP to the event had taken the responsibility to carefully select around 20 underprivileged families to receive the aid of groceries and basic needs package courtesy of Pasarbella during the event.

As sacrifice plays a major part in the celebration to reminisce the teachings in the Holy book, a cow was also contributed by Pasarbella to perform the sacrificing deed and the meat was then shared among the residents of Kampung Cahaya Baru that accommodates up to about 100 people collectively.

Pasarbella is a supermarket under the Maslee Group located in Iskandar Halal Park. It was launched in December 2018 and officiated by Iskandar Halal Park’s CEO, Ahmad Lokman Ibrahim. Pasarbella has received great support from the residents around the area and the Group constantly gives back to the people from time to time through its CSR activities.
Kamarolzaman bin Ibrahim, Pasarbella’s Area Manager said Maslee would continue to give their commitment in helping the needy around Pasarbella area in Masai, Johor.