The Light of Trust, Hope and Friendship Burning Bright at Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor

Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor, Jean-Francois Naa and his management team & staff greeting at the hospital lobby

The Festival of Lights (Deepavali) celebrates the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. In that festive spirit, Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor had organised a Deepavali Kolam, which is also known as the Rangoli or Muggu, a type of Indian folk art at their hospital lobby. The name itself when translated means “rows of colours”, a typical rice flour kolam design at the entrance of a home.

As part of IHH Healthcare, a global healthcare provider, Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor prides itself in being able to bring light to people’s lives through the provision of quality healthcare as they constantly seek to improve their systems and processes to deliver superior clinical outcomes and experiences for their patients.

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“It’s the power of the human touch that carries our day. Every time we interact with our patients and show them genuine care, we build trust with them and establish mutual respect and friendship,” said Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor, Jean-Francois Naa.

Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor, Jean-Francois Naa standing beside the multi-lingual signage at the hospital lobby

“Likewise within the hospital, we believe in creating an environment where we can motivate one another and fulfil our potential and dreams as we continue to deliver on our purpose of touching lives and transforming care. We take this opportunity to wish all our Hindu families and friends a joyous Deepavali,” added Jean-Francois Naa.

Interestingly, Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor is probably one of the few private hospitals using four languages including Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil in its hospital signages to cater to diversity needs.

Menteri Besar of Johor, Datuk Dr Sahruddin Jamal, recently launched Gleneagles’ new cancer centre which offers end-to-end cancer treatment services and support including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and biological targeted therapy, delivered by a highly experienced and skilled multi-disciplinary team of medical specialist consultants, nurses, counsellors and other paramedical professionals.

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