The Inaugural Harvest Festival Blooms at Medini City

Children playing sack race at the Edible Playground

Early October saw a unique festival blossom in Iskandar Puteri – the IP Green: Harvest Festival which is a culmination of global ideas and harvest initiatives combined with our very own lantern festival. An initiative by Medini Iskandar Malaysia (MIM) in partnership with JOGreen, the festival was all about the community and how we reap the seeds we sow at Medini’s Edible Park.

The one day festival featured a host of unique local vendors, speakers and of course performances to entertain and captivate visitors. The one of a kind 5 acre Edible Park is one of 46 parks in Medini City, and serves as a platform for cultivating community around current ideas of sustainable living, presented in various formats.

“Since its inception in February 2018, Medini Green Parks have been seeing one of its key missions being realised, the emergence of a community around the sustainability values it champions. There is immense goodwill and response from the public to our programming at the park and the values they represent,” said Chris Parry, JOGreen Enterprise Founder and Edible Park Curator.

He added that the festival was a real celebration of this, and set the momentum on sustainable living and how it has been adopted as a core value by Iskandar Puteri and its citizens.