Science Café comes to Roost

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Building a thinking community in JB

The first of many in series of uniquely curated questions and answers got together known as the Science Café, had finally made its way to our little town of JB. Aimed at cultivating a thinking community, the programme is supported by ThinkCity and educational bodies including UTM and Reading Malaysia.

Taking home at Roost Café in downtown JB, the inaugural talk featured Dr. Adreas Kalckert from the School of Psychology, University of Reading Malaysia with his talk ‘My Body and Me: the Psychology of Your Body’, where he explained various interesting facts about how the mind perceives ownership of one’s physical being.

“The mind can be manipulated by illusions that can create a certain effect of ownership and this includes body or physical illusions,” explained Adreas.

Many packed the tiny café and brought friends and family for a unique educational experience. This monthly event will soon expand down south, with Skudai soon seeing the next educational and brain stimulating Science Café.