Rotary Club of Johor Bahru Brings Double Festive Cheer

The children of Ang Tiong Loi-Rotary Children’s Home with Datuk Teo Shiok Fu JP (standing 2nd from left), President of Rotary Club Johor Bahru and his Community Service Committee

RCJB organised a visit to Ang Tiong Loi-Rotary Children’s Home and Rumah Orang-Orang Tua Sukarela Tampoi

Mitch Albom once said “Devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning”. In line with giving back to the community and caring for them, Datuk Teo Shiok Fu JP, President of Rotary Club Johor Bahru (RCJB) and his Community Service Committee visited the Ang Tiong Loi-Rotary Children’s Home in Skudai to hand over a Panasonic 16 kg front – load washing machine which was donated by a generous low-profile RCJB donor.

Besides donating a useful gift to the Home, the children were not left out as each received an ang pow for Chinese New Year and a goody bag of snacks. The ang pows and good bags were sponsored by 2 RCJB members.

There are currently 16 children; 9 boys and 7 girls aged from 2 to 13 years’ old staying at the Children’s Home located in Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru.

Datuk Teo and the RCJB team also took their time to visit the residents of Rumah Orang-Orang Tua Sukarela in Tampoi and presented them each with an ang pow for Chinese New Year, a pair of oranges and a goody bag containing necessities such as Tiger Balm ointment, Cap Dua Singa medicated oil, Milo, instant noodles, instant coffee, biscuits, toilet paper rolls and Brand’s Essence of Chicken. An RCJB member also went all out by giving an additional ang pow to each resident.

Tiger Balm (M) Sdn Bhd sponsored the Tiger Balm ointment and Cap Dua Singa medicated oils.

RCJB members also checked out the facilities at the Home and spoke with the residents there. The Home presently has 5 residents (4 male and 1 female), aged from 68 to 88 years’ old.

Thereafter, all 5 residents and the Home’s staff were treated to lunch including tossing of Yee Sang at Restaurant Liang Chen in Taman Perling together with 15 RCJB members and friends.

Datuk Teo and his team are planning another visit to an old folk’s Home in Kempas with 67 residents in March/April as well as to a Muslim Orphanage during Ramadan.

As the oldest and largest Rotary club in Johor, RCJB has been actively involved in helping the needy and underprivileged in Johor Bahru for the last 65 years, making a difference in our community though our social and community projects.