[UPDATED 13th FEB] Road Closure in Johor Bahru Prior to Chingay Parade

Check your route and avoid traffic congestion this week

One of the deities at Johor Old Chinese Temple that will be brought out for Chingay Parade

UPDATE : As of February 12th 2020, the Chingay Parade is cancelled but the religious rites where the deities would be brought out from the temple is still ongoing on 13th and 15th February.

Original article :

As Chingay Parade 2020 is happening this Friday, 14th February 2020 road closure around Johor Bahru would take place phase by phase, starting today – Wednesday (12th February 2020) to Saturday (15th February 2020).

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12th February 2020 (Wednesday)

Beginning at 10.30am until 1.20pm main roads will be closed for “road cleaning” starting and ending at Johor Chinese Old Temple and the roads involved are as follows:

Jalan Trus

Jalan Gereja

Jalan Ngee Heng

Jalan Tun Abdul Razak

Jalan Ulu Air Molek

Jalan Ayer Molek

Jalan Dato’ Onn

Jalan Susur Ibrahim

Jalan Wong Ah Fook

13th February 2020 (Thursday)

Beginning at 8.30am until 2.30pm, main roads would be closed for the ceremony of “Carrying Temple Deity Out Ceremony” will start from Johor Chinese Old Temple (Jalan Trus) and end at Xing Gong Temple (Jalan Ulu Air Molek) and the roads involved are as below :

Jalan Trus

Jalan Ngee Heng

Jalan Tun Razak

Jalan Ulu Air Molek

14th February 2020 (Friday)

In accordance to “Peak Night Parade”, main roads will be closed in two phases and they are as below:

First Phase would start at 3.30pm and expected to end at 5.00pm.

Jalan Gertak/Jalan Dato’ Menteri

Jalan Ayer Molek

Second Phase would start at 5.00pm and expected to end by 3.00am, 15th February, Saturday. Roads involved are:

Junction of Jalan Gertak / Jalan Dato’ Menteri and Jalan Ayer Molek

Traffic Light of Jln Sungai Chat / Jalan Abu Bakar Jalan Ayer Molek / Gertak Merah

Traffic Light of Jalan Dato’ Onn / Jalan Ayer Molek

Jalan Wong Ah Fook

Jalan Meldrum

Jalan Siu Nam

Jalan Siu Chin

“U” Turn at Jalan Tun Sri Lanang

Jalan Station

Jalan Abu Bakar

Susur Lingkaran Dalam / Jalan Abu Bakar

Alternative routes advised for road users to avoid traffics are as below:

From Singapore 

Singapore – Jalan Skudai – Inner Circle – Jalan Skudai (Pantai Lido)

Singapore – Kota Tinggi – Kuala Lumpur – Highway


Towards Hospital Sultanah Aminah

From Skudai – Jalan Skudai – Jalan Pantai Lido

From Jalan Datin Halimah 6.3.1 Jalan Kolam Air – Jalan Thompson – Jalan Abu Bakar

From Kota Tinggi

Lebuhraya EDL – Curbs of Jalan Abu Bakar-Jalan Lingkaran Dalam

15th February 2020 (Saturday) from 11.00am to 12.00pm, road closures would commence for “Temple Homecoming” starting from Xing Gong Temple (Jalan Ulu Air Molek) to Johor Chinese Old Temple (Jalan Trus) and roads are as below:

Jalan Tun Razak (route from Bandar Johor Bahru to Skudai) Jalan Ngee Heng (in front of Wisma Maria) Jalan Trus (homecoming parade of 5 temples from Xing Gong Temple to Johor Chinese Old Temple in against the route).

Police has also released an extensive reminder to public:

NO CARRYING of sharp or dangerous objects or illegal items that may causes crime and mischief in a huge crowd.

NO ACT of provocation, conflict, clawing and the likes of it that may cause fights and brawls.

Public is advised to follow the instructions that were issued by police officers from time to time to ensure the public safety and peace in an orderly manner.

Police officers would not hesitate to take action against any law-breaking behaviour or actions.

No fireworks lighting is allowed during the parade.

No stalls of any business are allowed on the side road along the parade.

Police advise the public to always stay vigilant and ensure no valuables are left in your vehicles and always keep it locked.

Parents should always look after their small children at all times during the Chingay parade.

It is advisable for the public to not cause any disruption or behaviour that may break the law during the Chingay parade. Actions against you would be taken according to law.

Public is advised to park their vehicles at the designated parking space. Do not enter the town area as it could contribute to harsher traffic.

We urge the public to be patient as the Chingay parade may take place for a long time between 5.00pm to 3.00am.