Ponderosa’s Security Nabs Cable Robbers

Heroic security guards

Four members of Ponderosa’s Security team namely Raja Muniandy, Mazlizan, Dan Bahadur and Giri Jivan successfully caught intruders into the golf course in the early hours of the day.

The intruders entered the golf course at around 3.15 am and were armed with a machete, an iron cutter and knives.

“This is not the first time that ground cables were stolen from the golf course. Thus looking at the trend of past occurrences, our Security personnel laid an ambush and successfully apprehended the robbers who were handed over to the police,” said Ivan Teo, the General Manager of the Resort.

The four staff members were given recognition in the form of certificates of merit.

Security is of paramount importance at Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort. It works closely with the neighbourhood police, who patrol the clubhouse area regularly. It also owns a patrol buggy where security personnel rounds the golf course especially during night golfing.