Pay with Boost!

Eric showing Tourism Johor’s Directors how to use the Boost App

Boost e-wallet application allows users to do away with paper and plastic currency while emphasising on secure online commerce and business transactions

Officially launched in January 2017, Boost is a mobile e-wallet application that allows its users to perform secure online currency transactions without the hassle of having an actual wallet in hand. Endorsed by the National Bank, Boost is rapidly growing to be one of the nation’s most favoured e-wallet.

Recently, Boost (Axiata Digital) held an introductory briefing in collaboration with Tourism Johor to create awareness on using their application for online transactions in everyday commerce among the community.

Officiating the briefing were Abdul Malik Haji Ismail (Tourism Johor Director), Eric Chong (Boost Commerce and Shareholder Director), and Aiza Ahmad (Strategic Partnership Director) who presented her keynote speech at the event.

The briefing aptly named “E-Wallet – Cashless Society in Tourism Industry” signifies Tourism Johor’s interest in adopting the digital solution offered by Boost.

“The majority of the people nowadays depend a lot on the digital and electronic communication systems to obtain latest information and new knowledge, especially the youth who are considered very tech-savvy,” said Abdul Malik in his speech.

“We have always encouraged the industry to use the Boost app. Tourism Johor supports this initiative to integrate the use of a cashless system with local products,” he added.

Tourism Johor acts as a catalyst to enhance the position of Johor in the eyes of the world as a tourism hub. One way to achieve this mission is to embrace e-tourism. With the growing capabilities of e-commerce itself, there is nothing to stop the tourism industry to also evolve and adopt the digital approach.

The usage of the Boost application in Johor is increasing among the society whereby the application itself has already been implemented by 2,000 business owners in Johor.

Be part of the digital movement by downloading the Boost application at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now!