Pasir Gudang Highway: Phase 2A to be Completed by September


Federal Route 17 or the Pasir Gudang highway had made headlines previously for receiving a makeover of lane expansion from four-lanes to six-lane carriageway that was initiated in July 2012

Federal Route 17 or commonly known as Pasir Gudang Highway has been undergoing extensive improvement for some time now and motorists are fed up with the traffic congestion that is created by the roadworks and deplorable condition on some parts of the highway.

Unbearable and hazardous road conditions are a common problem along the Pasir Gudang highway and its surrounding areas. Uneven road surfaces and potholes are more than a nuisance when it can cause fatal accidents for motorists especially motorcyclists.

In a press conference, Johor Works, Infrastructures and Transport Executive Councillor Mazlan Bujang said that the second phase (Phase 2A) of the Pasir Gudang Highway expansion project, from Plentong to Seri Alam/Taman Rinting would be completed by September.

The expansion works of Phase 2A is currently at 86% of completion.
Phase 2A that spreads along 7.7km route from Plentong to Bandar Seri Alam intersection is currently undergoing improvements.

It was previously mentioned that the budget allocated for this project was approximately RM164.3 million while the whole project which is divided into four phases will cost around RM1 billion.

“Phase 2A includes expanding the road from four lanes to six, for some 7.7km. The contract for the phase is worth RM159,444,704,” said Mazlan.
He added that the detailed work scope for the phase included traffic management, health and safety for the workers as well as maintenance works.

Phase 1 construction and lane expansion which spreads from Taman Perling to the Plentong interchange was completed in 2016.
The project consists of four phases – Phase One that spans 8km, Phase 2A (7.7km), Phase B (5km) and Phase Three (7km).