Olive House celebrates Breast Cancer Month

Khanafi handed over their token of appreciation to Dr. Mohd Roslan bin Haron

Creating awareness through meaningful campaign

Olive House has taken the initiative to educate the public through its Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign here in collaboration with Cancer Club Pasir Gudang.
The one-day event hosted a Breast Cancer Clinical Talk from Dr. Mohd Roslan bin Haron, Cancer Survivor Sharing Session by Norhafizah Abd Rahim and basic medical check-up by Klinik Kesihatan Larkin at Plaza Larkin.

“According to the statistics, cancer risk is 27 in 1000. With our technological advancement, we can now do intervention at an early stage,” said Dr. Mohd Roslan.

He added that until today there is no definite contributing factor to breast cancer.
“We can stop dengue from spreading by vanishing the Aedes breeding places, and we can control our diabetes with diet or insulin but not cancer.”

However, there are some risk factors that can increase the likelihood of developing the disease including family history, age and reproductive history.
“Among other ways to identify the existence of the lump is to do breast self-examination

besides a mammogram test, but one must remember that the only way to clinically diagnose the cancer is through biopsy by a registered pathologist,” Dr Mohd Roslan added.
The early symptoms are skin irritation, nipple discharge, and redness, scaliness or thickening of the nipple or breast skin. Dr Mohd Roslan also highlighted that there are some lumps that can be cured by itself, but it is always best to seek consultation from doctors.

The emergence of technology and the easy access to information has undeniably channelled people to non-credible sources including those in social media. Dr. Mohd Roslan urged the public to not believe what they read in the internet but to seek clarification from medical experts.

“Now scientists have discovered a new technology to heal cancer which is immunotherapy but the cost is relatively expensive at approximately RM25,000 per dose,” he explained.

Dr. Mohd Roslan also mentioned on the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and suggested the public to always believe that doctors are trained to cure the patients because the therapies have been clinically tested and verified by experts. – by