North Johor Will Be Developed Next For the Benefit of its Local Talents

From left: Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, CEO of IRDA, Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, Johor Consumerism, Human Resource and State Unity Committee Chairman and Prakash Nagarajan, IRDA Business Eco-System Head

Johor is rich with resources and the government will look into how to utilise them for the benefit of Johoreans especially jobseekers.

Johor Consumerism, Human Resource and State Unity Committee Chairman, Dr. S. Ramakrishnan said North Johor has a lot of potential for agro-tourism, stock breeding and farming hub.

“We do not want North Johor to be left behind. Most of the youth tend to migrate to other parts of Johor and if this trend continues, the area will soon be an old folks’ town. It is our matter of concern,” said Dr. S. Ramakrishnan during a press conference after the launch of Iskandar Malaysia Employment Fair 2018.

“The youths will be trained with an entrepreneurship mind set and to leverage upon the technology in agriculture especially on the fruit quality. For example, this can be done through 2-acre land leasing for them to work on,” he added.

According to Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, Johor is the next attraction for job seekers after the Klang Valley especially in Iskandar Malaysia.

The pay gap between the Klang Valley and Johor has also narrowed from 14% the last few years to 5%.