New Year and New Portfolios for 3 Johor Excos

The new reshuffle and restructure is effective immediately

From left to right; Haji Aminolhuda Haji Hassan, Mohd Khuzzan Abu Bakar and Sheikh ‘Umar Bagharib Ali

The Johor state government has announced the latest portfolio involving three (3) Excos, effecting immediately. The said Excos are Haji Aminolhuda Haji Hassan, Mohd Khuzzan Bin Abu Bakar and Sheikh ‘Umar Bagharib Bin Ali.

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Previously held the chairman position of Education, Human Resource, Science and Technology committee, Exco Haji Aminolhuda Haji Hassan now chairs the portfolio of Education, Health and Human Resource.

Exco Mohd Khuzzan Abu Bakar from Health, Culture and Heritage Committee is now holding the portfolio of Youth, Sports, Culture and Heritage and Exco Sheikh ‘Umar Bagharib Ali who previously chaired the Youth, Sports, Entrepreneurship Development and Cooperatives Committee is now a chairman for Entrepreneurs Development and Cooperation, Science and Technology.

The revamp is said to refine and strengthen the areas of work for the said Excos and to align better with the current need of Johor state government’s administration. Previously, the Johor state government had a new line-up in May 2019 along with then-newly appointed Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Dr. Sahruddin Jamal after the sixteenth Menteri Besar, Osman Sapian who held the position for a short tenure.

Note: This portfolio shuffle is issued as a media statement by the office of Menteri Besar Johor on 8th January 2020.