New Tower for KPJ

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An RM8 million project investment in becoming one of the best private hospitals in the region

KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital (KPJ) (KPJ Johor) launched its new tower which was officiated by Dato’ Osman Sapian, Menteri Besar Johor.

The opening of the new tower can fit in 31 new beds; summing up to 274 licensed beds in the whole hospital. It will create 50 new job opportunities for nurses and support staffs as well as three specialists adding up to 948 staffs. They also aim to have 200 more new staff once the tower is fully operational in 2020.

“We aspire to increase our number of inward patients to 23% from around 21,000 last year to 26,000 this year,” said Dato’ Amiruddin bin Abdul Satar, President & Managing Director KPJ Healthcare Berhad in his speech.

“Apart from the new wards, we will also facilitate a conducive emergency and accident unit on the 2nd Floor” added Amiruddin during the press conference.

They hope that with the opening of the new tower, they can meet the demand for 2 beds per 1 room especially for patients from middle income class and insurance card holders.

The renovation work is estimated to start early next year and finish by the fourth quarter of 2019.

Meanwhile, during the press conference, Osman in his statement said, “The state government will always support and promote the health tourism industry in Johor to ensure Johor in becoming a health tourism hub in the region”.