New System: myPASS to Ease Singapore-Malaysia Travel During MCO Period

The new permit system is said to be processed as fast as 2 days


Travellers from Singapore to Malaysia will be able to enjoy faster processing time for their entry permit application during this Movement Control Order (MCO) through the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore known as Entry Permit Application System, myPASS.

Under the partnership with Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), the web-based system would efficiently handle around 30,000 applications received from the former email system.

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“The main benefit of myPASS is that travellers can submit their entry permit application through a much more structured and guided process. As such, there is little error in the information and documents submitted and this has helped 80% of travellers get their entry permit applications processed within 2 days with a 95% reduction in rejected applications,” said the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore.

Travellers may expect greater convenience through myPASS where they would get an automatic update on the status of their applications. Submissions could be made at with better security, and errors while filling the online forms could be reduced with the built-in guide leading to faster processing time.

The partnership between IRDA and TM through its strategic business unit for the Southern Region; Southern Strategic Economic Region (SSER) has helped the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore to improve stakeholders’ experience, business processes and operational efficiencies, overcoming the challenges that were previously there due to workflow that relies a lot on manual verification through emails and spreadsheets before applications are processed.

As the primary gateway for travellers from Singapore to Malaysia, Iskandar Malaysia under its Smart City agenda is supporting the development of myPASS as a needful solution for expediting travellers’ entrance into Malaysia during the MCO period.

TM as the enabler of Malaysia’s Digital Nation aspirations has designed and developed myPASS with simplified design flow and architecture using its internal resources and existing secured digital infrastructure, a testament to its capability in facilitating digital transformation of government agencies that further deliver an enhanced service experience for all Malaysians.

More information or inquiries could be directed to the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore at +65 6235 0111.