New Goals for Johor Sports Council

With the arrival of 2020, Johor Sports Council looks to aim for the stars

All the attendees during the event

The Johor Sports Council (MSNJ) held a ceremony at Ramada Meridin in Iskandar Puteri to dictate the latest mandate for its council and to also highlight some of the changes that has happened from the previous year.

“2019 was a year of memories, successes and even lessons for Johor Sports, but like every new year, changes are needed to attain greater heights. For 2020, the goal is to be a leader in Malaysian sports, and the only mission for SUKMA 2020 is for us to emerge as champions”, according to Mohd Gadaffie, who is the Director for Johor Sports Council.

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Also in attendance was Associate Professor Dr Garry Kuan, Sports Psychology expert for Johor Athletes. Psychology is one of the more important elements to assure an athlete’s success not only when competing, but also earlier on to ensure a heightened level of motivation. Psychology is something normally used during training camps, but Johor athletes will start using it throughout their training on a weekly basis.

“It took us a while to find a competent psychology expert, and we are quite lucky to have Professor Garry as part of our team. As for our training camps, once we are about 1 to 2 weeks away from SUKMA, we will have a focused training camp that will include as many as 750 participants. Right now we’re confident that we can achieve 40 Gold medals for SUKMA. We also have our new venues under construction and renovation, and hope that once they are ready, that will give us home field advantage during the SUKMA,” said Gadaffie.

Mohd Gadaffie together with Professor Garry Kuan with his book

He also added, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. To be a leader takes time, and it requires a team effort. It requires us to work together and have trust amongst each other.”

The 2020 SUKMA Games will be held in Johor from 11th to 19th July 2020. This will be Johor’s second time to host the Sukma Games since its first time in 1992.