Movement Control Order : RM150Million for Inisiatif Ihsan Johor Economic Stimulus Package

Divided to 32 incentives to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis in the state

Johor Mentri Besar, Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad at Menteri Besar Office

As a follow up to the first 6 initiatives that were made on 20th March 2020 with a RM12.5Million budget, Johor Mentri Besar, Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad has announced a total amount of RM150Million for the stimulus package with 15 more incentives that costs RM17.5Million. The remaining RM120Million would be used on another 11 incentives to be announced from time to time.

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The 15 incentives announced on 25th March 2020 are as follows :

RM500,000 for Johor’s health department to purchase additional medical equipment and other essentials that would be coordinated by Johor Health Department.

RM200,000 from Johor State Disaster Fund goes to food aid for the police and armed forces during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period and will be coordinated by the District Offices.

Rent exemption for both houses and business premises in People Housing Project (PPR) and Government Rent House (RSK) starting April to June 2020 for any registrations up until February 2020 that costs RM4.8Million.

The state government will assist the B40 group who have purchased Affordable Housing Johor (Rumah Mampu Biaya Johor), Type A under the Johor Care Housing Scheme (SPPJ) through the Johor 2020 Budget. State government has agreed to postpone the repayment of the Property Rental Scheme for six (6) months, eligible for sign-ups up until February 2020.

RM1.2Million to expand the Food Bank programme throughout Johor for B40, e-Kasih recipients, charity alms and Social Welfare Department (JKM).

2,000 students under Johor Education Foundation (YPJ) higher learning loan repayment would be exempted from April to June 2020, costing around RM2.4Million.

RM370K would be disseminated to all Public Higher Education Institutions (IPTA) in Johor with each to get in between RM30K to RM50K on “One off” basis for food supply and basic needs of students during the MCO period.

The Johor Students Association at IPTAs throughout Malaysia would get an aid of RM5,000and RM10,000 costing around RM300K in total during the MCO period for the students necessities and the distribution of this provision will be made “one off” through “Outright Grant.”

Loan repayment for students in Egypt and Jordan through Islamic Religious Council Johor (MAIJ) would be deferred from April to June 2020.

Food assistance will also be given at RM200 per person on a “one-off” basis for Johor students in Egypt and Jordan with 800 students in Egypt and 200 students in Jordan at a cost of RM200,000 provided by MAIJ.

A total of RM300,000 will be provided to help the students living in MAIJ religious school dormitory during the MCO period.

In addition to the rental exemption for premises under Local Authorities and public markets involving 10,692 businesses, 151 Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Johor under state government’s premises and managed by the State Entrepreneurship Corporation (PUNJ) would be exempted from rent starting April to December 2020.

RM2.3Million will cover the traders that have paid their business license payments by 2020 that will be in line with business license payments for 2021.

Farmers’ Market, Night Markets and Morning Markets business sites throughout Johor would be rental free from April to October 2020 involving 1,660 Farmers Market and 34,821 Night Market and Night Market traders with an estimated cost of RM2.8 Million.

Johor Local Authorities are directed to fund the purchase of face masks for essential service departments during MCO.

All local authorities are also directed to increase expenditure in line with the effort to implement the disinfection and sterilization works around the COVID-19 high risk area. It will be implemented at every senior care center and other areas that are yet to be identified.

Land tax payment exemption extended to 30th September, 2020. Late payment of land tax penalty for the year 2020 will only be effective from October 1, 2020.

Payment exempted for transmission registration involving deceased COVID-19’s victims. This initiative will benefit heirs of the deceased with Johor land administration.

Exemption for all late fines for any Presentation that went expired during the MCO enforcement.

An addition of 1 month extension for any submission of Deed of Transfer, Mortgage or Lease that are expiring when MCO is in force.

Extending Johor Land Administration Initiative for ‘Fast Track Nill’ application (uncategorised lands) until June 30, 2020.

The Johor Economic Taskforce (JET) is formed to coordinate all information and plan integration actions to address the effects of global economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Chaired by the Secretary to the Government of Johor, it is made up of related departments and agencies and the Johor State Economic Planning Division is the secretariat for this Committee.

The state government will continue to identify additional incentives and will be announced from time to time in order to relieve the burden of the people caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Private sectors are encouraged to help the government financially through the Johor State Disaster Fund and necessities handover to the Johor State Disaster Management Committee.