Medical Camp to Assist the Elderly


RCJB President Datuk Teo Shiok Fu JP with his RCJB members, Persatuan Doktor-Doktor Johor and students from SMK Sultan Ibrahim Girls’ School (SIGS) and SMK Dato’ Jaafar visited 71 residents at Persatuan Kebajikan Prihatin Kuan Yin in Skudai, Johor Bahru.

They co-organised a medical camp with Dr. Ng Kim Fong, President of Persatuan Doktor-Doktor Johor and his members consisting of 5 specialists and doctors from Hospital Sultan Ismail and 5 medical students from University of Newcastle for the benefit of the 71 residents.

There were 2 medical stations set up to screen blood pressure and blood sugar test.Medical consultations and recommended follow-ups were also held thereafter. A medical team attended to the residents who were bed-ridden and they also cleaned the dressing of those with bed sores.

At the end of the visit, each resident was presented with a bag containing daily necessities and ointments. Toilet paper rolls and food ingredients such as noodles and garlic were also donated to the Home.

“We are grateful to Dr. Ng Kim Fong and the Persatuan Doktor-Doktor Johor for helping and supporting us in this meaningful community service project for the elderly,” said Datuk Teo Shiok Fu JP.