Maslee & Coca-Cola Johor Cleanup Hoarder Home


Local retailer Maslee Express initiated efforts to clean up the home of an elderly couple in Pontian, Johor

A home of an elderly couple in Kampung Parit Bilal, Pontian, Johor caught the attention of local retailers, Maslee Express (Maslee) during a CSR campaign which took place during the month of Ramadan. Maslee and their partner, Coca-Cola Johor decided to take action into their own hands by organising a cleanup exercise as part of their service to the community.

Maslee and Coca-Cola recruited help from the Social Welfare Department, Fire and Rescue Department, as well as the Sewage and Waste Management Corporation (SWM). 

Love alone won’t care for pets

Home to the couple, but not to the ones who witnessed for themselves the filthy living conditions of which the couple chose to live with. 

Instead of “out with the old, and in with the new”, a skewed perception of this living concept has been adopted by the elderly couple. “Without the old, there won’t be the new” is what they said when asked about their hoarding habits.  

The condition of the couple’s bedroom is revolting

In an extreme case of hoarding, Saniah binti Ahmad seems to ignore the all-important cleanliness aspect of the religion that she preaches. With over 15 cats living with them in small cages inside of the house, they seem to have no issue with the stench that reeks in every corner of their home. 

The husband, Rahim bin Buang has been diagnosed with bladder infection and numerous other health complications is carrying a urinary catheter with him, while his wife, Saniah cares for him.  

Everything in the house was thrown away. Only the valuables and IDs were spared. Expired food items and sullied clothes were among the items that were disposed. Besides that, spoilt home appliances that were beyond repair were also tossed into the trash. 

The elderly couple in their bedroom after the cleanup and assembly of new furniture 

Maslee and Coca-Cola presented new furniture and some sustenance for the couple, and advised them to take care of the cleanliness and their health. The couple, as well as the village community, was grateful for the efforts of both Maslee and Coca-Cola. 

Maslee and Coca-Cola Johor wishes to put out a message on the importance of cleanliness; that with the right education and civic mind, the number of people living with hoarding lifestyles can be reduced to promote a healthy lifestyle.