Johor State Forks Out Over RM9mil under the Free Water Supply Scheme for 2019

Tap with dripping waterdrop. Water leaking, saving.

The water supply aid allocation were focused on the B40 recipients

Jimmy Puah Wee Tse Johor International Trade, Investment and Utility Committee chairman, said the total expenditure for the state under the Free Water Supply Scheme RM5,281,940 from September until December 2018 and RM11,867,539 from January to September 2019.

“Following up to July 2019’s invoice, the Johor State Government has spent up to RM9,251,435,” said Puah.

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He added that the latest recipient of the free water supply scheme from all over Johor in 2018 is around 167,782 and for the year 2019, the recipients increased to 162,304.

The total amount of recipients include those living in Tanjung Piai, Pekan Nenas and Kukup where around 3,137 people have benefited from the scheme out of 9,925 people.

“The main objective of the free water supply is to lower the cost of living of the B40 group (bottom 40% of households with monthly income of RM3,900 and below),”

“At the same time, it would cultivate the culture of paying for water supply and raising the awareness of how important water supply is in our daily lives and to be mindful in using such natural resources,” he added.

The free water scheme was first launched back in September 2018 and jointly cooperated with SAJ (Syarikat Air Johor) while also promoting the ‘Save Water’ campaign. Recipients of the free water supply scheme must be within the target group of B40 category and has an account with Ranhill SAJ where they would get free water supplied to them automatically. Another criterion is for the ones without Ranhill SAJ account, with the reason that the candidates are living in a rented space or staying in a premise like dormitory. They could appeal to get the free water supply by obtaining an application form at Ranhil SAJ office.