Johor Sports Council (MSNJ) and Exertus Puts up Digital Blueprint

MSNJ Director, Mohd Gadaffie Abd. Aziz with Exertus Sdn Bhd CEO, Asmizar Abd Wahab during the launch

Another of MSNJ’s Transformation Plan’s agenda materialised

Johor Sports Council (MSNJ) has materialised one of its goals to digitalise under their very own Digital Action Plan on 11th November 2019.

The comprehensive action plan and work frame that was developed together with MSNJ’s tech partner, Exertus Sdn Bhd would be the first to be implemented in any Sports Councils in Malaysia.

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MSNJ Director, Mohd Gadaffie Abd. Aziz said the Digital Action Plan is part of MSNJ’s Transformation Plan to increase the progress of MSNJ’s administration in terms of skills and management efficiency.

The digital action plan is one of the steps that MSNJ took to transform to better the performance and quality of competency in administration and finance management that would then further ease the document collection process in departments where the system would be a reference for the coming generation in any management in regards of MSNJ’s administration.

Gadaffie added that, “It is important to equip (ourselves) with technology that matches with competent staffs in order to achieve the objective to make Johor a hub of Malaysian sports. We need a thorough system to support our development. We have specific offerings and therefore, the effort to assimilate digital technology would definitely help us in achieving the objectives in the future”.

The Digital Action Plan would be executed in phases and MSNJ right now is in the phase of executing the system. The first phase would be focusing on preparing the systems before SUKMA Johor 2020. The second one is to focus on the staffs’ competency to ensure they are adapting to the new system at the highest level and also to prepare them for Top Quality Management (TQM).

Exertus Sdn Bhd CEO, Asmizar Abd Wahab said, “It is our priority to ensure each system that our client would use to have the IR4.0 ecosystem like centralised, integrated, cloud-first and mobile ready. This is to ensure the system we introduce would be easy to use, flexible and efficient for our client,”

The work frame would be for six months with additional one year for a continuous upgrading purpose. It is expected to be ready by end of the year and start running by early 2020.