Johor Budget 2020 Q & A with Johor Menteri Besar

A promotional image from MB Johor, Datuk Dr. Sahruddin Jamal’s Facebook page
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A brief on what’s to come this 21st November 2019

How’s the final preparation for Johor Budget 2020 speech presentation going for this coming 21st of November?

The state government is currently at its final stages of Johor 2020 Budget preparation which would be the second budget by Pakatan Harapan government, as well as my first budget as the state’s Chief Minister (MB). I am pleased with the preparations that have been made so far and by the will of God, it will be presented during the upcoming State Assembly meeting.

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How do you see the involvement of all parties in this budget preparation?

As I have already emphasised before, I would like this budget to be implemented by taking the views of all stakeholders, down to the grassroots leaders into account as well. Online and on site feedback sessions have been conducted by the state government (to get feedback) on top of the inputs that were received from leaders, departments, government, the public and private sector agencies.

As of now, the input collected from the people was 5,678 out of 2,572 respondents involving seven (7) segments and the categories are as follows:

  1. Education and human capital (923 responses)
  2. The well-being of the people and the cost of living (852 feedbacks given)
  3. Environment (812)
  4. Economy (800)
  5. Infrastructure (773)
  6. Efficient administration (676)
  7. Other segments (842)

The state government also took into account all the inputs given by the district administration and representatives of the people that were collected during my recent visit to each of the districts. I have currently visited seven (7) districts and the remaining three (3) districts will be reached by the end of 2019.

Any areas that the state government has placed as the main focus in the budget for the year 2020?

As I have stated before, the people’s well-being and cost of living have been among the top priorities of the state government. This is also based on the feedback that we have received from the people.

I can state here that various state aid and incentives will be provided by the state government to various sectors of the society in an effort to aid the people in getting them a much more comfortable living. Implementing the initiatives require the state government to cooperate with various parties including the federal government and the private sector, recognising the constraints factor in state government’s limited revenue.

Various good news are about to be announced for the people in both urban and rural areas including the B40, farmers, fishermen, entrepreneurs, women, youth, students, civil servants categories and more.

Taking rural development as an example, improvements in infrastructure, tourism and agricultural assistance would take place and the state government will empower the agricultural sector through Green Revolution ideas which will be optimising agricultural land use, increasing amenities at the agricultural lands and encouraging the use of modern technology.

Grants and incentives especially for the B40 community will be emphasised in terms of providing affordable housing, entrepreneurial assistance and training, healthcare and more.

Aspects of educational opportunities and assistance have also been the focus of the government on providing quality and up-to-date educational assistance to the people in line with the federal government’s emphasis on education including TVET and in line with the development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The speech on the Johor Budget 2020 will be broadcasted online through Datuk Dr. Sahruddin Jamal and Astro Awani’s Facebook and can be listened through Johor FM and Best FM radio stations on 21st November 2019 at 9.30am.