IRDA Shifts Focus to Northern Part of the Corridor


Development is coming to the northern part of Iskandar Malaysia through a Rancangan Kawasan Khas (Special Area Plan) Kulai – Sedenak 2025 that will transform the largely agricultural area into Johor’s data and digital hub

The Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) briefed newly-minted State International Trade, Investment and Utilities Committee Chairman Jimmy Puah Wee Tse and the media on the development that has been on the drawing board for the Kulai-Sedenak area of the country’s southern growth corridor of Iskandar Malaysia.

This Rancangan Kawasan Khas (RKK) or Special Area Plan Kulai-Sedenak 2025, set to transform areas of Iskandar Malaysia which includes the Sedenak Digital Valley, planned to be a data and digital hub that IRDA believes will be a catalyst for high technology players such as those involved in information technology, electrical, electronics and robotics industries to come invest and establish centres for their operations.

Maimunah Jaffar, IRDA’s Head of Planning and Compliance Division in giving the briefing said that the area encompasses 49,376.80 acres (19982.082 hectares) with a population of only 5,000 currently but this is expected to grow to 83,242 by the time the project is fully developed.

“We also estimate that there will be 77,500 job opportunities for Johoreans in the Kulai-Sedenak Special Area,” Maimunah said.
Puah welcomed the plan that will set the stage for development in an area that largely encompasses his mainly rural political constituency of Bukit Batu.

“It’s time that the northern part of Iskandar Malaysia sees development because so far Iskandar’s growth has been focused in the southern region of Johor,” said Puah.

Since the Draft Plan was available for public scrutiny, the public was urged especially the population within the Kulai-Sedenak and also other Johoreans to scrutinise and provide their feedback on the draft.

“Due to its potential impact on Johor’s economy, public feedback was vital because it is through this that we can improve on the plan to ultimately benefit the population,” he added.

The draft plan was on display for public scrutiny and feedback since 13th May till 12th June 2018 at five locations namely the Kulai Municipal Council office, the Johor Town & Country Planning Department, IRDA’s office at Danga Bay, Kampung Gunung Pulai and Felda Bukit Batu community halls.

Maimunah Jaffar, IRDA’s Head of Planning and Compliance Division, EXCO Jimmy Puah Wee Tse, Mohd Khir Johari bin Haji Salleh, Kulai District Officer and Farizal bin Ismail, YDP Kulai Municipal Council

Within this Special Area is the Sedenak Industrial Park where the 746-acre (302 hectares) Sedenak Iskandar Data Hub is located.

Puah took the opportunity to suggest that it be rebranded to ‘Iskandar Data and Research Hub’.

“Incorporating the word ‘Research’ into the name expands its scope and attract sophisticated investors and participants,” he said.

The Digital Hub itself is estimated to attract RM260 million worth of investments, according to Puah.

The key rural landmarks in the area are Felda Bukit Batu, Kampung Rahmat, Kampung Felcra Kuala Kabong 1 and 2, Sungai Pontian Besar, Ladang Sri Pulai, Kampung Melayu Kuala Kabong 2 & 3, Ladang Kulai Young and Kampung Sri Gunung Pulai.

While the non-agricultural area is the Sedenak Industrial Park.

Maimunah said that the current infrastructure is not yet ideal for what is planned for the Special Area because of its agricultural nature, but with this intended development, present and future population will enjoy better network of roads, fibre-optic enhanced communications, utilities and amenities that befits a high-tech zone.