Insurance Company Sees Life beyond Financial Planning

MCIS pledges to plant half a million trees in five years

SK Medini students posing with the SDG banners

Recent environmental crises around the world has nudged the world and opened their eyes on how much our planet is suffering from human’s destructive habits and actions. More people are now aware of the effects of climate change and are taking steps towards healing our Earth.

MCIS Insurance Berhad (MCIS Life) has pledged to plant 500,000 trees in five years to rehabilitate and restore the ecosystem of the forests around Malaysia. In this first step, 26 species endemic tropical trees will be planted at Sireh Park, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between an insurance company and a natural heritage park. A total of 1200 local trees will be planted, under the advice of Dr Daniel Baskaran, founder of Forest Research Institute of Malaysia.

The tree planting activity was officiated by YB Tan Chen Choon Johor Exco for Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment, Hj Salehuddin Hj Hassan, Mayor of Iskandar Puteri, Kirupalani Chellilah, Chairman of MCIS, and Prasheem Seebran, CEO of MCIS.

Students from SK Medini, the Nature Lovers Club and Scouts club were also invited to plant trees.

For the event, Mata Pelanduk (ardisia elliptica) trees were planted. The one-year-old seedlings were chosen for their considerably short flowering and fruitation (reproductive) maturity, four years, which will not only attract more birds and expanding the chain of ecosystem, but also for the project to obtain their own seeds in the future. For the next few years, nurturing and maintaining the trees will be vital to ensure its health and growth. Other species of trees will be planted, including shrubs and timbers.

The VIPs of the events with students from SK Medini

All 380 employees of MCIS and their agents around Malaysia are also educated in their steps towards going green.

“The government’s involvement alone is not sufficient,” said YB Tan Chen Choon in his opening speech. He emphasised there is a need for private sectors, organisations, and individuals, along with the government to come together with a commitment to restore the environment.

“In life insurance, it’s all about the future, about the children, about the grandchildren. We try to provide the financial security. But where is the point of financial security if there isn’t an environment for us to live in?” said Prasheem Sebran, CEO of MCIS at the press conference.