Green Talks with F&B

1972, Sunway Iskandar and Sunway Property had successfully hosted ‘Green Talks with F&B’ at Sunway Iskandar.

The talk which was supported by Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) featured a number of green technology industry players and activists presenting their ideas and technology with professionals within the F&B industry.

The talk kicked off with a presentation entitled ‘Green is the new Black’ from Tim Worthington, Director of who stressed about the importance of practicing green technology. According to him, investors are more likely to invest in green technology and invited F&B players to revise the cost of not being sustainable.

Next, Boyd Dionysius Jouman, Head of Environment Division from IRDA continued with his highlight on Low Carbon Society for Iskandar Malaysia 2025. Launched in Doha, Qatar in 2012, Boyd said they have outlined 281 implementation programmes to reduce Iskandar Malaysia’s carbon intensity emission by 58% in 2025.

Dr. Gerard Kho, Chief Marketing Officer at Sunway Berhad, the third speaker; had presented the business opportunities within Sunway. Gerard stressed that Sunway is always committed to go green and taking care of the environment is part of their responsibilities as a developer.

Chris Parry, Founder of JoGreen also shared his experience in running Café at Edible Park, a green F&B outlet. “We keep it local and even our coffee is locally harvested in Batu Pahat, Johor. Once a month on Saturday we open our green market where locals can buy our plants and our café operates once a week,” said Chris.

“We will also host a Harvest Festival this October, so do join us!” he added.
The talk ended with a bold campaign by Carolyn Lau, the Co-Founder of ‘Sampah Menyampah!’ She called everybody in the room to support their movement called ‘Merdeka dari Straw’, in line with the spirit of Independence Day.

Several booths were set up at the venue and J-Biotech was one of the exhibitors that showcased their environment-friendly products such as bio compostable food containers.