Getting a Grip on LEP 2.0


Facilitating commerce and industries in the region with support from the state government

Tun Dr Mahathir made his first official working visit to Japan just after being sworn in again as the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia. What was not a surprise was the pledge that he put forward to rejuvenate the Look East Policy (LEP) which was first introduced in 1982.

Over the years, the focus of the policy had slightly shifted, whereby instead of focusing on developed nations that have proper procedures and protocol, the former government has left behind the essence of the initiative to transfer technology and know-how, and instead getting short-end deals from other prospect regions.

Malaysia once embraced the Japanese working culture in the form of systems adopted in work places such as the 5S system (Seiri – Sort, Seiton – Set in order, Seiso – Shine/Sweep, Seiketsu – Standardise, Shitsuke – Sustain) where it has significantly been impacting the operations at a workplace.

The Iskandar Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IMCCI) organised a dialogue about the rejuvenation of LEP 2.0 with its members in conjunction with their business.

Two panellists who took questions regarding the topic were represented by Salikon Sarpin, President of IMCCI, and Professor Dr. Sufian Jusoh, Assistant Director of the Institute of Malaysia and International Studies (UKM). Hj Sheikh Umar Bagharib Ali, Chairman of the Information, Entrepreneurship Develop¬ment, Cooperatives and Creative Economy committee attended the session as well.

The business pitching session saw four businessmen and women sharing their experiences and business processes when dealing with the Japanese government and businesses.

Prof Dr. Sufian mentioned that the government must put down firm guidelines and benchmarks to the policy. This will ensure that we don’t get played out or suffer losses when dealing with international commerce and businesses.

“The new government will make sure that all policies made will not leave our country on the short-end of the stick,” said Sheikh Umar.
He pledged to organise a similar event at state level to ensure that everyone in the state will be able to enjoy and reap the benefits of the relationship between Malaysia and Japan.