Food-Filling Pet Food Drive: Stomachs Full, Dreams Come True


Pet lovers centre organised its third annual pet food drive for animal shelter homes

The 3rd Annual Pet Food Drive organised by Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia commenced from 1st to 16th December 2018. All Pet Lovers Centres and The Pet Safaris across the nation came together and took part in the Pet Food Drive campaign, which allowed Malaysians to help our furry friends stay fed and healthy.

The pet food drive was held to lower the cost of day-to-day food whilst filling the tummy of shelter dogs and cats, which is in fact in line with the theme ‘Stomachs Full, Dreams Come True!’ This was to help ease the financial burdens faced by animal welfare groups.

“The 3rd Annual Pet Food Drive was a huge success as we collected a total of 2,895.31kg of food. That’s an overwhelming heart-felt success of 1,546.39kg of food more than in 2017 which is a 114.64% increase. Thanks to everyone who contributed, many animals will have a filled tummy, and four animal shelters will have an eased financial burden,” said Bryan Boo, Operations Director of Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia.

All pet food raised can be found on the Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia’s official website,

Animal welfare groups that benefited from the Pet Food Drive campaign

As of December 16th, a total of 2,895.31 kg of food was collected during the Pet Food Drive campaign. All the food collected from the campaign was distributed equally to four beneficiaries; Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS), PAWS Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Second Chance Animal Society (SCAS) and Save A Stray Malaysia (SASM).

The PAWS animal shelter takes in abandoned animals at its shelter and aims to give them a forever home. As of today, the PAWS animal shelter is looking after over 500 dogs and cats. Pet Lovers Centre has been a long-term partner of PAWS as they do their best to help the animal shelter manage the welfare of strays. Besides the Pet Food Drive campaign, Pet Lovers Centre also collects food donations alongside providing an adoption space for PAWS through their Adopt 1st programme.

“We are truly grateful to our partner Pet Lovers Centre for having collected food donations for our shelter animals over the holidays. We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the Pet Food Drive because your contributions will definitely ease our financial burden,” said Edward Lim, Manager of PAWS.

On the other hand, NANAS, an animal shelter where animals are free to move around as they please, is currently home to over 1,000 rescued animals whereas SASM, a Pulau Ketam-based initiative, works to keep them clean and off the streets. SCAS is also a no-kill shelter that aims to re-home rescued dogs. Currently, SCAS cares for dogs that were victims of abuse, injury and abandonment.

“Our aim is to ensure the happiness of our 500 rescued animals and to be able to end the day with a full tummy. That has been made possible thanks to the Pet Food Drive campaign and we would like to thank Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia for making the dream come true, and to all of you for your generous contributions,” says Kim, Advisor cum Treasurer of SCAS.

Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia currently has 29 retail stores operating across Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang. It is the leading pet retail chain in the country, striving to provide the best solutions for pet owners and enable them to give the best care for their pets. Pet Lovers Centre Malaysia is also an advocate for stray animals and the Adopt 1st Centre at SS2 Central.

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