Ecolife Challenge 2019 Saved and Generated a Whooping RM158,194

Ecolife Challenge 2019 winner

Iskandar Malaysia Ecolife Challenge 2019 (IMELC) recorded an all-time high waste and resources saved

Iskandar Malaysia Ecolife Challenge 2019 (IMELC), a programme to create awareness on sustainable development in environment comprising of Low Carbon Emission (LCC) and saving on resources (Water and Electrical usage) returned this year with a new batch of winners.

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IMELC 2019 has recorded a high number of expenditure saved on water and electrical bills while also generating income worth RM158,194 combined involving 47,000 students from 475 primary schools around Johor.

Booth visitation by Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment Committee chairman, Tan Chen Choon

The income came from various recycling activities by different schools.

Officiating the event is Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment Committee chairman, Tan Chen Choon who remarked that since its inauguration in 2013, IMELC 2019 has created collective awareness among young students and their teachers while also spreading to the family at home then to the local community they are in.

Prof Dr. Ho Chion Shiong from UTM explained that EcoLife Challenge is a model originated from Kyoto, Japan and adjusted to be localised, and Iskandar Malaysia is the first to have it implemented in the whole of Malaysia. The Ecolife Challenge requires student to calculate their daily carbon emissions, trash reduction, water and electrical expenses in both school and at home. Reports were sent by the schools to a band of different agencies to perform their evaluation before deciding the winner.

Prof Dr. Ho Chin Shiong, UTM explaining the Ecolife Challenge workbook

In total, 908,402 kilogramme of carbon dioxide was successfully saved from being emitted through this programme, while RM18,953 of water bill and RM97,139.69 in electrical bills were saved. Moreover, RM42,102 was generated in total through recycling activities and a grand number of 185 tonnes of recyclable items were collected through the 475 schools.

The programme is supported by strategic partners of IMELC including MBJB, IRDA, UTM, TVET, JPNJ, SWM Environment, SEDA, JAS and AEON Mall Bandar Dato’ Onn.