Columbia Asia Opens New Building Expansion

First look of Columbia Asia Hospital - Iskandar Puteri’s East and West Wing buildings connected via a bridge

Located in Iskandar Puteri, Columbia Asia is poised to meet the community’s need for efficient and affordable medical services

Columbia Asia Hospital – Iskandar Puteri (CAHIP) will begin the new adventure by opening another expansion to their existing hospital in Iskandar Puteri to accommodate the growing population. They expanded the building in two-acre (0.81ha) land next door and both the buildings will be connected via a link bridge. The existing block will be known as the East Wing whereas the new block is known as West Wing. The development cost for the expansion was approximately RM39.7 million.

Columbia Asia hospitals’ layout are built for efficiency and practicality to create smooth patient flow and easier access to allied health services such as laboratories, radiology, pharmacy and physiotherapy.

CAHIP is equipped with four operating theatres for surgical procedures, a cardiac catheterisation lab for angiogram and angioplasty, a labour and delivery room complete with a nursery and ambulatory surgical center for day-care procedures, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 24-Hour emergency services.

Advanced technology at this hospital includes diagnostic imaging with 1.5 tesla MRIs; 160 slices CT scan that can perform Coronary Computer Tomographic Angiography for diagnosing coronary artery diseases via CT scan; and Cardiac Catheterisation Lab that can perform coronary angiography to identify blocked coronary arteries followed by immediate treatment, performed by balloon angioplasty or PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention).

The hospital has also set up a Wellness Centre to identify risks or detect early signs of certain diseases. Patients can consult with doctors on matters related to health, lifestyle, or seek advice on preventive measures to avoid health problems. The Vaxin Center which is located in the Wellness Center is a new facility with the latest vaccines for the communities. It is equipped with all important vaccines and well-trained vaccinator to ensure that appropriate vaccinations are administered in alignment with the approved protocols.

“We are certain with the new expansion, it will be able to bring more quality medical services to the community as we have fully-qualified nurses, allied health staff, and accredited specialist consultants at the hospital,” said Rahani Yaacob, General Manager of Columbia Asia Hospital – Iskandar Puteri.

“We have a passion for making people better” and with the vision, we are committed to deliver the best clinical services at excellent value to the communities,” added Rahani.