Chinese New Year Gifts for Deserving Community

One of the recipient families receiving his CNY essentials
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The poor families in Kulai area were not forgotten during this Chinese New Year

In collaboration with Kechara Soup Kitchen, Le Grandeur Palm Resort gave away Chinese New Year goodies and red packets to ten poor Chinese families in the Kulai, Johor area.

“During festive occasions, while we enjoy lavish reunion dinners and indulge in the usual fineries of the season, some people can hardly afford the basics.  This is a good time for organisations like ours to make an extra effort to contribute to those less fortunate, so that they too can have a little bit more than usual during the Chinese New Year celebrations,” said Jef Kong, Club CEO and Hotel General Manager of Palm Resort Berhad.

“Marginalised communities especially the elderly that live in urban poor conditions are having a hard time.  Luckily there are always angels among us that do care,” said Merlin Hoo, Manager of the Kechara Soup Kitchen in Johor.

Members of the Kechara Soup Kitchen and several Heads of Department from the resort visited the families and delivered a month’s supply of food rations to each family together with 6 types of Chinese New Year cookies and red packets.

On a yearly basis, the resort makes it a point to engage with poor families, children and orphans during festive seasons, such as during Deepavali, Ramadan and previously, the terminally-ill children during Christmas.