Cerebral Palsy Johor Wishes for the Better

The 53 year old NGO is at the brink of closing down due to lack of funds

Students and workshop members of Cerebral Palsy Association Johor receiving ‘ang pows’ and Marrybrown gift pack from sponsors, Yeo Chin Kang (far left, wearing red) and Datuk Joshua Liew (centre, wearing white shirt) CEO of Marrybrown

Crackers popping and Chinese New Year celebration for Cerebral Palsy Johor Association goes just as festive as it was meant to share the joy and happiness with their members. SJK(C) Foon Yew Stulang Laut, SJK(C) Foon Yew 2 and SJK(C) Foon Yew 1 held their lion dance, 24 Festive drum performance and Chinese performances greeted the new year with soaring high hopes by the members of the association – that is for the school to be able to extend their operation.

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The non-governmental supported association has been established since 1967 and as highlighted several times in The Iskandarian, the school is in danger of closing down due to lack of funds. Previously known as Spastic Children’s Association of Johor, the association was established as a day care centre that provides habilitation, rehabilitation and special education for children with cerebral palsy to maximise their potential towards independent living.

Birthday celebration for January born students of Cerebral Palsy Association Johor with Yeo Chin Kang (Left table in red) and Dato’ Rahmat Abdul Rahman, Chairman of CPA Johor (right table, cutting cake)

Principal of the school, Kanan Muniandy, has expressed his gratitude to donors and patrons that have been helping them and especially to Yeo Chin Kiang as the main sponsor for the Chinese New Year celebration for the kids to join in the festivities along with red packets and gift packs from Marrybrown delivered directly by their CEO, Datuk Joshua Liew.

“We provide not only education and habilitation, but after the children graduate school at 18 years old, they would be transited to our workshops so they could be employed and earn as an adult,” Kanan said. He was hoping for any beacon of light to save their school from being closed down as they are the only place that accepts all children with all range of disorders and abilities. The school currently has 75 students, 27 members at the workshop, 44 staffs and 18 operation staffs.

Principal of Cerebral Palsy Johor Association school, Kanan Muniandy with one of the students

Any kind of aid is welcome and could be directed to the Cerebral Palsy Johor Association at 138, Jalan Dato’ Menteri, 80100, Johor Bahru, Johor, or call them at 07-2235452/2264380 or email at cpjohor@gmail.com.