‘Buyer-Meet-Seller’ by Tourism Johor

The launch ceremony of ‘Buyer-Meet-Seller’ Programme with ASITA Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

Facilitating commerce and industries in the region with support from the state government

The rising popularity of Johor as the chosen destination for tourists and visitors, were the main reason of the Buyer-Meet-Seller programme.

Johor as one of the two gateways to our country, recorded 14.4 million entries by tourists and visitors in 2017. Indonesian citizens were the second largest contributor to these entries, just behind Singaporeans.

Johor Tourism received with open arms, a Fam Trip Visit from ASITA Sumatera Barat Indonesia with 27 committee members, led by Solahuddin Nasution, the Chief of ASITA Sumatera Barat Indonesia. ASITA Sumatera Barat also known as Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies, gathered travel agencies from West Sumatera to form partnerships with other countries.

“Tourism is one of the medium for us to foster good relationships between two countries, not only to contribute to the country’s economic growth, but also indirectly be able to open the eyes of the world to recognise the diversity of cultures, races, religions and the uniqueness of the social demographics of a country more closely and clearly,” said Deputy Director of Johor Tourism, Muhammad Amirul Ardy Abdul Rahim during his opening speech.

“These Fam-Trips help the travel industry of both countries to unite and establish a cooperative relationship,” added Amirul. He also wished that the good relationship between Johor Tourism and ASITA Sumatera Barat will always be maintained, continued and enhanced in the future.

The ‘Buyer Meet Seller’ programme was also attended by hoteliers, homestay owners, hospitals and other travel industries in Johor.