Bundles of Joy for 7 Families

Happy families with their New Year babies along with Hospital General Manager, O&G Consultants, Paediatric Consultant, staff and nurses

The respective families celebrated their babies born on New Year day at Columbia Asia Hospital – Iskandar Puteri  

The start of the New Year is a great time for millions of people around the world and in Columbia Asia Hospital – Iskandar Puteri this year, seven couples celebrated the New Year with their new additions to the family.  

First-time mother and a housewife Janani Ramanan, 34, was expecting to deliver her very first baby in mid-January, but was blessed to deliver two weeks earlier to a healthy and lovely baby girl at 8.42am. Her husband, Arvind Nambiar, 35, who is a Risk Manager in local company felt very happy and excited to have their newest and tiniest member in the family. 

Meanwhile, Anjana Ramachandran, a young nurse and mother of 2 kids went into admission at 6.30am and safety delivered a healthy baby boy at around 9.42am. She and husband, Sanjeev, a Lab Analyst were blessed with a healthy baby boy who weighed 3.43kg. 

Another couple, Kumutha Kanagarajoo, 37, and her husband, Rajeshvaran, 44, gave birth to an adorable baby boy, weighing 3.63kg. They were overjoyed as their baby came earlier than expected which was supposed to be due on 18th January. It brought cheer to father of the baby who is an Engineer Technician in Singapore and it was also an auspicious day to receive their third baby. The couple felt so grateful for the healthy baby. The three mothers delivered through caesarean by Dr. Rajesh Mahendran, Consultant Obstetricians & Gynecologist.   

On the other hand, four mothers gave birth to three baby boys and one baby girl through natural delivery. A mother of 2, Jong Chiu Ping, 31, who is full-time housewife, gave birth to her second baby boy delivered by Dr. Rajesh Mahendran. Salni Sairan, 39, a banker gave birth to 2.81kg baby boy at 1.48pm after she was in labour at around 9.35am and Chuah Tiong Pin, a Quantity Surveyor and his wife, Gan Yi Ling, 32, felt grateful when their baby girl made an entrance at 8.21pm after the mother was in labour for more than an hour. The babies were delivered by the only female Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Dr. Rohaini Md. Jonit.  

Quarter before 12.00 midnight, CHIP welcomed the last batch of New Year babies who was safely delivered through natural delivery by Dr. Quek Yek Song, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist. An auditor, Kumathavalli Subramaniam, 36, and her husband were really happy to have their adorable baby boy which was expected to be delivered on 18th January 2019. 

All families were joyful and felt blessed with their healthy and adorable babies; safely delivered under the good hands of these three Obstetrician & Gynecologist Specialists, midwives, and nurses including Dr. Azhar Napis who is the Consultant Pediatrician. All the families were presented with a celebratory gift and plush Zoey toy from the hospital. 

“We felt excited on the new arrivals for all the parents but most importantly was the safe delivery to the mothers,” said Rahani Yaacob, General Manager of the Hospital. 

For further information about the hospital and its facilities, please contact Columbia Asia Hospital – Iskandar Puteri at + 60 (7) 233 9999.