A New Coalition of NGOs to Push for a Better Johor

Representatives from each NGOs and NGIs committed to build a better Johor

Forum Masyarakat Johor consists of committed NGOs and NGIs who are passionate to contribute to the development of the state

Forum Masyarakat Johor (FMJ) had announced its establishment here at South Johor Chinese Press Club on 6th August 2018.

Inspired by Penang Forum which was established in 2008, FMJ aims to serve the people of Johor by focusing on the three key principles of good governance, social inclusion and sustainable development.

“We are not talking about online chat place but about a place where NGOs and individuals can come and share ideas that is good for the city or the state,” said activist Thomas Fann during the press conference.

Currently there are 25 NGOs and 6 NGIs registered under FMJ and they are organised into 8 clusters focused on various key issues. They believe that their collective expertise and experiences can be shared with the relevant State Excos, departments and agencies.

Once a month each cluster will hold a forum or activity. The eight clusters are good governance, woman children and family, minority rights, education, environment, art, culture heritage, sustainable development and harmony.

“We (FMJ) wants to engage with local authority so that they are more responsive and accountable.” said Thomas.

FMJ welcomes NGOs and NGIs to be part of them with a yearly membership fee at RM100. They are expecting 100 members to join them by the end of the year.

Thomas also highlighted that FMJ does not have a leadership structure such as chairman, secretary and treasurer. Currently he plays the role as the coordinator of secretariat which administers FMJ. In term of decision making, he said, it will be purely based on simple majority where all members are given one vote to decide.

He also said that FMJ members and those who are interested to join them must agree to uphold the Federal Constitution, agree to the value of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to align with United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“FMJ will not be registered for the first year. After one year when we are clearer on our direction and also the membership, we will consider registration under the Registry of Societies or Companies Commission of Malaysia,” said Thomas when asked on the legal status of FMJ.

Currently they are exercising their right under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution; the freedom to form association.